Exterior Painting

When you own a commercial property in Fremont, CA, you are aware that first impressions matter. No matter how well-kept or beautifully painted the interiors are, you will attract fewer customers if the exterior surfaces have faded, peeling, and cracked paint.

That’s where Custom Painting, Inc.’s superior commercial exterior painting services enter! We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company with over 40 years of experience. Our team of expert painters in Fremont, CA, focuses on detailed and precise work. Whether you need to have your rotten wood siding repaired or replaced, brick walls waterproofed, or the entire exterior (including roofing) repainted, we make sure to deliver high-quality exterior painting solutions within the specified time frame and budget.

Custom Painting, Inc. has been known for a meticulous and worry-free approach that meets your expectations, specifications, and budget. By choosing us, you can work with a company that stands out in the paint service field.

Importance of exterior painting for business

When the business environment is highly competitive, most companies look for ways to grab the attention of potential clients and investors. One way to achieve this is by improving and enhancing their curb appeal, which is vital for businesses as it makes them more attractive in a crowded market.

A fresh coat of paint of carefully chosen colors can make your business stand out and look more attractive to potential customers. It can also help create a fantastic first impression. If your business looks well-maintained, customers and investors are more likely to trust you and want to do business with you.

In addition to aesthetics, professionally done exterior painting will also provide a layer of protection to your commercial property against various elements like heat, moisture, pollution, and insects. Maintaining your commercial property through professional exterior painting is essential as it resists wear and tear, thus extending the life of your building. 

Painting your commercial property’s exterior is an investment. So, as you can see, a new coat of paint does more than just simply change the appearance of your building.

Our exterior painting services

Custom Painting, Inc. can protect your commercial building and make it look beautiful from the outside through our exterior painting services:

  • Cleaning and power washing
  • Surface repair and prep work
  • Wood rot repair or replacement
  • Brick waterproofing 
  • Deck painting or staining
  • Door painting and refinishing
  • Full exterior painting (that includes painting trim, gutters, soffit, fascia, roofing, etc.)
  • Decorative painting

Every commercial property is designed differently, so each has its own specifications when it comes to paint. As we stand true to our name, we at Custom Painting, Inc. tailor our services to meet every business’s specific needs and types.

Our painting process

Our painting process

  • Assessment – Our crew assesses the condition of your building’s exterior surface by identifying areas of wear and tear, discoloration, etc., that will help them determine the necessary repairs, preparation, and paint steps.
  • Preparation – Our crew will prepare the workspace by protecting lawns, bushes, hedges, flower beds, decks, and other surfaces from paint. Next, the crew will clean, repair, sand, and prime the surfaces to be painted.
  • Painting – Our crew will paint the cleaned and prepared surface, using quality paint products of specified types (water-based like latex and acrylic, or oil-based), color and shades, and finishes (flat, eggshell, satin, semi-glossy, or glossy). We apply paints in a specified technique to ensure a uniform, high-quality finish. 
  • Quality assurance – Once the project is completed, our crew conducts an inspection and final walkthrough to make sure that there are no missed spots.


Why choose us?

If you’re looking for a reliable company to provide the best exterior painting services you can find, Custom Painting, Inc. can be relied on in this line of work.

  • Our experienced and dedicated team includes carpenters and full-time professional painters.
  • We are licensed and bonded.
  • We carry $4,000,000 liability insurance.
  • We have worker’s compensation coverage for all employees.
  • The painting teams have solid leadership from the foreman.
  • You receive a free and timely estimate.
  • You receive a concise and thorough quotation.
  • We discuss scheduling before the start of the project to meet your needs.
  • We pay meticulous attention to detail from start to finish.
  • We use the highest-quality paints and primers.
  • We use safe work practices.
  • We perform troubleshooting and problem-solving during and after the project.
  • We will complete a follow-up visit after we have finished work on your project.
  • We offer a full one-year guarantee on our work.

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The exterior of your commercial building reflects your company’s brand. A fresh coat of paint on your building’s exterior surfaces might be the strategy to win over new customers and investors. A professionally done paint job also increases potential market value, which can be quite advantageous, especially if you’re going to lease your commercial space to tenants. 

If you’re looking for a quality exterior paint job, reach out to a friendly team of the best painters in Fremont, CA, at Custom Painting, Inc. Call us today at 925-866-9610 to get started! Or, fill out the Contact form on our website, and someone will contact you shortly.