Residential Painting

House Painting Fremont – Residential Painting

Buying a new home in Fremont or the surrounding area can be easily one of life’s highlights. However, it naturally comes with responsibilities. One is financial responsibility. The other responsibility is to maintain its appearance and structural integrity. House painting in Fremont and some repairs can keep your home in tip-top shape without spending much on a complete remodeling.

Painting a home beautifies and protects its interior and exterior surfaces. It is good to update your home with a fresh coat of paint every few years to keep it healthy, extend its life, look its best, and increase its value. The success of every paint job lies in a combination of proper surface preparation, the use of quality paints and tools, and correct painting techniques.

Residential Painting

Take time to prep.

Preparing the surface is a crucial first step for every paint job. Washing, cleaning, making repairs, sanding, and priming may take time, but they will give you the desired results.

Preparing the surface is the key to achieving a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting paint finish. If the walls are dirty and have flaws, it will create adhesion problems for the topcoat, ruining your paint job.

Surface preparation ensures the best-possible mechanical adhesion and bonding for the topcoat while mitigating future surface problems, such as peeling, cracking, or chipping.

Choose the way you will paint.

You can paint your home in three ways: brushing, rolling and spraying. 

Choose any of the three methods that you feel comfortable doing. While brushing and rolling may take more time and effort, you have more control, particularly in tight corners. Brushing and rolling will also provide a long-lasting finish.

Painting is an easier and faster paint application compared to brushing and rolling. While you can choose this method for both interior and exterior painting, spraying is ideal for exterior painting. But before choosing this method, remember that spraying can be more expensive than brushing and rolling. It can also use more paint. There’s also a risk of overspray, especially in exterior painting, because the winds can carry the paint mist away instead of landing on the surface intended for paint.

Check out this article that compares rolling, brushing, and spraying.

Residential Painting

Interior painting

  • Clean and prep the walls – never skip this step! Dust, dirt, oil, and grime can ruin a smooth finish, so get rid of them by cleaning your walls.
  • Tape the trim, windows, and door frames. Be sure to use painter’s tape, not masking or any other type of tape.
  • Prime the walls (if necessary).
  • Choose the right paint.
  • Brush hard-to-read spots, such as around trim and in the corners, where the roller can’t reach. A two-inch angled brush is ideal for this job.
  • Roll the paint to the rest of the surface. For efficiency, begin in the corner and roll on a three-by-three “W” pattern. Then, fill it without lifting the rolling. Continue this way until all sections are complete.
  • Paint the trim last, if needed or desired.

Exterior painting

  • Clean and wash the siding. 
  • Remove mildew using a bleach solution, a household cleanser, or a commercial mildewcide.
  • Scrape off loose old paint.
  • After scraping, sand any rough spots.
  • Fill minor cracks and holes with spackle compound.
  • Caulk all joints.
  • If the siding has a significant rot problem, replace the rotten wood. You can also repair drainage problems or leaking pipes that cause water to accumulate and promote rot.
  • Protect doors, windows, and lights using painter’s tape or plastic sheeting.
  • Apply primer.
  • Choose the right paint.
  • Apply the top coat on the siding, and then trim and doors (if needed or desired).

The amount of time and effort in doing house painting in Fremont depends on the size of your home, how you paint, and your skill level. It might be better to hire an experienced and trained professional painting contractor who will take your job to the next level. With the exceptional quality of work that the pros provide, you can expect only the best finish in no time.