Drywall Repair and Texture

Every residential painter in Fremont, CA, knows that drywall repair and texture are essential to preserving a home for several reasons:

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Damage (such as mold infestation and rot) from moisture
  • Cracks caused by setting or structural issues
  • Damage caused by children and pets
  • Damaged caused by insects and pests
  • Holes from drywall nails, screws, and anchors
  • Damage from impact (such as doorknob and moving of furniture, etc.)

Repairing damaged drywall and texturing it is a relatively easy DIY project. However, homeowners may want to hire professionals for the job, which is a sounder option. Custom Painting, Inc. has a crew of painters skilled in repairing, replacing, painting, and texturing drywall. We make sure that we get the job right on the first go.

Custom Painting, Inc.’s drywall services

We offer the following drywall repair services:

  • Drywall crack and hole repair – Patching drywall cracks and holes of varying sizes with joint compound.
  • Texture matching and blending – Applying texture to new and repaired drywall. 
  • Popcorn ceiling removal – Removal of acoustic (or popcorn) ceiling texture and application of new paint.
  • Water damage repair – Repair and paint of water-damaged interior walls or ceilings.
  • Wallpaper removal – Removal of old wallpaper, cleaning of the walls, and application of new paint or new wallpaper.
  • Drywall installation – This is applicable for new homes or when drywall damage is beyond repair.

Our crew can work with the following drywall types:

  • Regular drywall
  • Plasterboard (or blue board)
  • Soundproof drywall
  • Fire-resistant drywall
  • Mold-resistant drywall

Benefits of drywall repair and texture

Drywall repair and texture are essential aspects of building maintenance and renovation for several reasons:

  • Damage repair – Drywall can be damaged from a variety of sources, including water leakage, mold growth, impact from furniture or doors, and general wear and tear over time. Repairing these damages promptly prevents them from worsening, which can lead to more significant structural issues and higher repair costs.
  • Aesthetic maintenance – Over time, walls can show signs of aging, such as cracks, holes, or discoloration. Repairing and retexturing drywall helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of a space, keeping it looking fresh and well-maintained. Texture can also add depth and interest to walls, enhancing the overall look of a room.
  • Property value – Keeping drywall in good condition helps maintain or even increase the value of a property. Potential buyers or tenants often view damaged walls as a sign of neglect, which can affect their perception of the property’s value.
  • Insulation and energy efficiency – Damaged drywall can compromise a building’s insulation, leading to increased energy costs. Proper repairs help maintain the integrity of the building envelope, contributing to better energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Soundproofing  Drywall plays a crucial role in sound insulation between rooms and floors. Damages can compromise this function, leading to noise issues. Repairing and properly texturing walls can help restore soundproofing qualities.
  • Health and safety – Damages in drywall, especially when caused by moisture, can lead to mold growth, which poses health risks. Repairing these issues promptly helps protect the occupants’ health. Additionally, large holes or compromised structures can be safety hazards that need immediate attention.
  • Preparation for painting or wallpapering: Before applying a new coat of paint or wallpaper, the underlying drywall must be smooth and free of imperfections. Repair and texture work provide a good base for these finishes, ensuring a higher quality final appearance.

Architectural restoration and insulation

Why choose us?

When residential painters in Fremont, CA, are called in to fix damaged drywall, give them texture, and paint them, there are many challenges to consider when working with interior walls and ceilings and preparing to do interior painting. Fortunately, our licensed and insured crew has sufficient training, experience, and tools to tackle these challenges.

When you decide to hire commercial painting companies in Fremont, CA, Custom Painting, Inc. will help you achieve a solid, uniform, and long-lasting finish to your new drywall that’s free from stains and damage. 

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When your drywall is damaged, it can lead to hazardous consequences, from toxic mold spores to caving in walls. This is why drywall repair and texture are critical for maintaining the structural integrity, appearance, and value of a property while ensuring it remains safe, efficient, and comfortable for its occupants.

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