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When buying a new home, you may consider financial responsibility. But don’t forget about the amount of labor...

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Custom Painting in Fremont is a quick and cost-effective way of updating the look of your commercial property.

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Painting Blogs

  • Reasons to Trust Professionals for Refinishing a DeckReasons to Trust Professionals for Refinishing a Deck
    Refinishing a deck is essential for maintaining its look and durability. Over time, weather can cause wear and tear, making regular upkeep crucial. Keeping a deck in good condition is important for safety and can increase your home’s value. A neglected deck can lead to expensive repairs and Read More
  • Safety Steps for Removing Wallpaper in the Company BreakroomSafety Steps for Removing Wallpaper in the Company Breakroom
    A breakroom is a common space in corporate settings. It is where employees can take time to relax, de-stress, and recharge to increase their work efficiency and productivity. Regularly updating a breakroom’s look and feel is always a good idea. If your office breakroom’s walls are Read More
  • Tools Every Installer Needs for Perfect Crown Molding InstallationTools Every Installer Needs for Perfect Crown Molding Installation
    Installing crown molding is a blend of precision and artistry. For a flawless finish, having the right tools is essential. In this guide, we’ll cover the must-have tools every installer needs for perfect crown molding installation. From measuring tapes to miter saws, these tools ensure Read More
  • Professional Painters Prioritize Safety in Every Painting ProjectProfessional Painters Prioritize Safety in Every Painting Project
    When it comes to painting, safety is paramount. Professional painters know this well. They take every precaution to ensure their work environment is secure. From selecting the right tools to wearing protective gear, every step is crucial. Proper preparation and vigilant practices help prevent Read More

About Us

Custom Painting, Inc. opened for business in 1982. Since then, we have become a leading commercial and residential painting company in the Bay Area and surrounding cities. Our clients appreciate the quality of our efficient workmanship, whether house painting in the Livermore area or painting a business in Danville or another Bay Area city.

We begin every painting project, no matter the size, on time. We also finish each job on schedule. The original owner’s father instilled in him that being on time is supremely important, personally and professionally. The former owner encouraged the same quality in all employees, and we continue that attention to being on time. We understand your time is important to you, so that we will arrive at the appointment time with you or a little bit before.