Wallpaper Removal

Businesses in Fremont, CA, need to evolve to remain competitive and profitable in today’s marketplace. This means changing your marketing strategies or physically updating your commercial property to attract customers.

If your interior walls are covered with wallpaper that no longer serves its purpose due to significant damage, potentially causing damage to your walls, or simply not match the current design aesthetic, it’s about time to get rid of them. Wallpaper designs are rapidly and endlessly changing. What’s trending today could be outdated tomorrow. As a result, your current wallpaper could turn prospective clients and investors away potentially decreasing employee morale and productivity.

It makes sense for businesses to hire contractors to update and refresh the look of their commercial buildings. Since wallpaper removal is a time-consuming and often messy job and, obviously, you are too focused on running your business to bother with this chore, it is only practical to let professionals do the work for a reasonable price.

It is best to work with contractors with different surface and wallpaper types. At Custom Painting Inc., our knowledge of various types of wallpaper enables us to use the right tools and correct removal techniques to ensure that we do the process safely, correctly, and efficiently. The result is clean and smooth interior walls ready for new wallpapering or a fresh coat of paint.

Custom Painting Inc.’s wallpaper removal process steps

Our wallpaper removal approach usually consists of the following:

  • Initial assessment – Our crew identifies the type of wallpaper to determine the appropriate tools and techniques for removal.
  • Preparation – Our crew gets the workspace ready by removing wall décor and other installations, taking away or covering furniture, covering the floors, and taping baseboards or trim (if any).
  • Wallpaper removal – Our crew removes the wallpaper from the walls. The complexity of removal depends on the type and condition of the wallpaper being removed.
  • Cleaning and preparation of the walls – Our crew removes the adhesive, paper, and glue residues from the walls by washing. Then, the walls are left to dry before being applied with new wallpaper or paint.

Here are other notes about wallpaper removal:

  • The standard strippable wallpaper on drywall is usually soaked thoroughly so that its glue softens without getting the drywall too wet. Our crew soaks the strippable wallpaper, then scores and carefully peels it. Next, they remove the residual paper and glue before cleaning the walls. The result is clean and smooth walls, ready for new wallpaper (or better yet) paint. 
  • The wallpaper removal approach should be followed regardless of the wall surface type (plaster, metal, vinyl, concrete, etc.) it adheres to. The bottom line is that you should effectively remove the wallpaper without causing significant damage to the walls.
  • Several layers of old wallpaper or vinyl wall coverings are more challenging to remove. Some removal methods, such as prolonged soaking, chemical solvents, and industrial steamer, effectively remove layers of old wallpaper from the surface while keeping the walls as intact as possible.

Worker removing old painted wallpaper from the wall

Benefits of wallpaper removal

Removing wallpaper from commercial walls can offer several benefits, depending on the specific circumstances and goals of a business space:

  • Modernization – Wallpaper trends change over time, and what may have been fashionable when the wallpaper was installed could now appear outdated. Removing old wallpaper can help modernize the space and give it a fresh, updated look that aligns with current design aesthetics.
  • Professional appearance – Removing wallpaper can contribute to a more professional and polished appearance for the commercial space. Peeling or outdated wallpaper can detract from the overall impression of the business or organization, especially in settings where clients, customers, or visitors are present.
  • Customization – Removing wallpaper allows for greater flexibility in customizing the interior design of the commercial space. Instead of being limited by the existing wallpaper pattern or color scheme, removing it opens up possibilities for new paint colors, textures, or wall treatments that better suit the business’s branding or desired ambiance.
  • Improved maintenance – Wallpaper can become damaged or stained over time, especially in high-traffic areas or environments exposed to moisture or other elements. Removing wallpaper and applying a fresh coat of paint or alternative wall covering can make maintenance and cleaning easier and more effective.
  • Health and safety – In some cases, old wallpaper may harbor mold, mildew, or other allergens that can affect indoor air quality and pose health risks to occupants. Removing old wallpaper and treating any underlying issues can help create a healthier indoor environment for employees, customers, and visitors.
  • Increased property value – Renovating commercial spaces by removing outdated wallpaper and refreshing the interior can enhance the property’s overall value. A modernized and well-maintained interior can make the space more appealing to potential buyers or tenants, potentially leading to higher rental rates or property values.
  • Enhanced brand image – For businesses, the appearance of the physical space can significantly impact brand perception and customer experience. Removing old wallpaper and updating the interior design can help reinforce a positive brand image and create a welcoming environment that reflects the business’s values and identity.

While removing wallpaper from commercial walls may require time, effort, and investment, the benefits can outweigh the challenges, resulting in a more attractive, functional, and inviting space for occupants and visitors alike.

Contact Custom Painting, Inc. for commercial wallpaper removal services

Here are some key reasons to hire us for this task:

  • Expertise and decades of experience in the paint service industry
  • Proper tools and maintenance
  • Time savings
  • Fewer chances of causing damage to property
  • Preparation for the next steps, such as repainting or wallpapering
  • Safety
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Guaranteed quality results

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