Wood Rot Repair and Paint

Your home in Fremont, CA, is one of your most significant investments. You want to ensure it has the best appearance possible. But if your home is made of wood or has many wood parts, you must keep an eye out for signs of wood rot.

Wood rot is more than just an eyesore. It can cause extensive structural damage to your home if left undetected. Your concerns quickly shift from aesthetics to safety. In that case, hire a professional contractor to replace rotten wood and paint new wood.

Signs of wood rot

There are many ways to identify signs of wood rot:

  • Discoloration – Wood affected by rot may change color, appearing darker or lighter than normal depending on the type of fungus.
  • Softness – Rot causes wood to become soft and spongy. Pressing your thumb into the wood can reveal softness.
  • Cracks and splitting – As rot progresses, wood may develop cracks and splits, especially along the grain.
  • Musty odor – A musty or earthy smell is a sign of fungal growth in the wood.
  • Mold or fungal growth – Visible mold or fungal growth on the wood’s surface is a clear indicator of wood rot.
  • Shrinking or warping – Wood may start to warp, twist, or shrink as it decays.
  • Surface blistering – The wood’s surface may appear blistered or bubbled due to the breakdown of the wood fibers.
  • Insect infestation – Certain insects, such as termites and carpenter ants, are attracted to rotting wood. 

If you notice any of these signs, address the issue promptly to prevent further damage. Remove the affected wood, treat it with fungicide, and improve ventilation and moisture control in your home.

How does Custom Painting, Inc. deal with wood rot?

Water damaged ceiling and wall

Custom Painting, Inc. often encounters wood rot on surfaces they paint. Our process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Assessment – Our crew examines the wood to determine the rot’s extent. We check the wood for softness, discoloration, and other signs of decay.
  2. Remove the rot – Once we determine the extent of the rot, we remove the decayed wood using a chisel, scraper, or other appropriate tools. Our goal is to remove all rot, leaving only healthy wood.
  3. Treat the wood – After removing the rot, we treat the remaining wood with a wood preservative or fungicide. It helps prevent further decay and protects the wood from moisture and fungal growth.
  4. Repair the wood – If the rot leaves gaps or holes, we may repair the wood. We use wood filler or epoxy resin to rebuild the wood’s structure and integrity. Then we let the filler or epoxy harden.
  5. Sand and smooth – Once the wood filler or epoxy hardens, we sand the area to create a smooth surface. It prepares the wood for painting and ensures the new paint will adhere evenly.
  6. Prime the wood – We apply a coat of primer to the treated and repaired wood before painting it. Then, we let the primer dry. Primer helps seal the wood, provides a uniform surface for the paint, and improves paint adhesion.
  7. Paint the wood – Once the primer completely dries, we paint the wood with the desired color and finish. We may apply multiple coats for full coverage and protection. We leave the paint to dry completely.
  8. Finish and protect – Once the paint dries, we apply a clear coat or sealant for added protection, especially if the wood is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Why choose Custom Painting, Inc.?

Once you identify signs of wood rot, deal with it promptly. You may have to fix the problem yourself or hire a professional like Custom Painting, Inc., especially if the rot has become severe. 

Custom Painting, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial painting in the Bay Area. Besides painting, we offer other services like repairs and custom installation work. Our skilled and dedicated team of painters and carpenters provide services with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Custom Painting, Inc. is licensed and insured, follows safe work practices, and provides written contracts and warranties. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that your project will be successfully completed.

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