Painting Fremont: Budgeting for Having Your Home Painted Inside and Out

Home painting in Fremont is much easier if you know all the expected costs that come with it. Painting projects vary in price depending on a bunch of factors, including the scope of your project, the quality of paints and tools, the time needed for prep work, and so forth.


Budgeting alone is a big undertaking indeed. That’s why planning is the key to reducing as many overhead costs as possible or avoiding “surprise” expenses, especially if you’re under a tight budget.


Some tips for budgeting for interior and exterior painting

So, how would you determine the cost of your painting job? Start by listing all the anticipated expenses, from materials to labor.


Measure your space.

 How measurements are essential while planning your house painting project can’t be stressed enough. So, why should you measure your room?


It’s to make sure you’ll buy enough paint – no more, no less. You may not buy enough paint, and you will have to head back to the store to buy more paint. Or, you’ll buy too much paint and have wasted it (and your money) for no reason.


Knowing the room measurements will help prevent those problems. Measuring your room will help you determine how much paint you’ll need. If you have trouble with numbers, a store clerk will assist you in making the conversions.


Go for quality where it counts.

Budgeting for a paint project entails balance. Paints, other coatings, and materials can add up as you work on your budget. You may want to choose the cheapest and most generic paints you can find to save money. 


But a warning here – while you may undoubtedly aim for low-cost items, you don’t want to buy cheap but inferior paints, brushes, roller naps, etc. While these low-cost items can save you money, you can pay more in the long run.


Why? Cheap and low-quality paints won’t adhere as well as premium paints do. They also don’t provide sufficient coating, may not dry properly, or may not last as long as you want. In the end, you’ll buy premium paints to redo the project, which means another set of expenses.


If you want to go for quality, purchase quality essential items like premium paints, primers, brushes, roller naps, and painter’s tape – items that can directly affect the quality of the paint job. At the same time, you can save money by buying cheaper materials like rollers, roller extension poles, roller trays, buckets for mixing paint, sandpaper, putty knife, clean rags, cleaning tools, roller nap keepers, etc.


Say no to waste

Wasted time and materials can create the most significant trouble for your budget, partly because waste is hard to quantify. You don’t think about the time and money you could save by simply using and maintaining what you have.


Brushes and rollers are the usual suspects here. If you don’t clean and store them properly after using them, they’ll become useless in no time, wasting your money.


You can purchase paint brush covers or roller keepers to store your tools temporarily if you’re planning to use them the next day. These air-tight, handy storage items will keep your tools fresh between coats without the necessary wash-ups. However, it may be better if you always clean your brushes and rollers thoroughly after each use. Various types of cleaners and thinners will work better depending on the type of paint and the type of brushes or rollers you use.


The bottom line

When you’re budgeting for home painting in Fremont, you should make informed, careful decisions so that you’ll be able to spend on the project sensibly and enjoy excellent, long-lasting results simultaneously. If you still have doubts, contact Custom Painting, Inc. We have over 40 years of experience providing quality residential and commercial painting in Fremont and other Bay Area cities. Our contractors and estimators will answer any questions you may have and offer you a free, accurate estimate based on your painting needs.