Exterior Painters Near Me Know How to Protect Plants

If you’re planning to renovate your home’s exterior, consider its impact on your home’s surroundings, mainly your lawn and plants. Fortunately, exterior painters near me, with their years of experience, know how to protect plants against paint debris.

Plants and paints don’t go together well. Plants add beauty and boost your home’s curb appeal, as does a fresh coat of paint on your exterior walls. However, paints contain chemicals that can cause damage your plants.

You can pull off a well-done exterior painting project in Fremont without wreaking havoc on your shrubs, hedges, trees, and plants in pots.

To prepare your site for painting, keep your plants safe from paint drips, spills, and mists (if you’re also going to spray paint). Read these simple tips below:

  • Tie up or trim back your bushes, shrubs, or any greenery, leaving at least a foot of space between the house and the plants. There are a few reasons for leaving such a wide gap:
  • To protect your plants from dripping paint or paint mists.
  • Protect the painters from scratches and give them a safe passageway while painting your house.
  • Depending on the type of paint, it can take up to 30 days to cure. Thus, any bushes, shrubs, or trees sticking out can cause scratches to the surface, hampering the paint from curing and drying thoroughly.
  • Remove hoses, outdoor furniture, and any ornaments from your lawn, such as gnomes, decorative signs, small sculptures and statues, bird baths – anything that can obstruct a paint job.
  • Relocate potted plants safely from the site where the painting will take place.
  • Clean up the dead leaves and trim back overgrown branches or stems that may block the passageways of your garden or lawn.
  • Wet down your plants to keep them hydrated, but avoid soaking the ground as it will make it harder for the ladders and scaffolding to remain stable.
  • Cover your plants, shrubs, hedges, and other greenery with drop cloths or tarps. Covering them will protect your plants from the chemical damage caused by paints, primers, stains, and solvents.
  • Be careful with using thick tarps or cloths over more delicate plants.
  • Don’t use transparent plastic sheets over shrubs and hedges, as it will lead to rapid heat build-up that can damage your plants.
  • Please don’t leave your plants covered for an extended period, as they still require sunlight to grow. Remove the cover when you’ve finished working for the day, and protect your plants again the following day.
  • Use plastic sheets instead for wrapping tree trunks.

Keeping both your walls and your plants vibrant at the same time is possible during a paint project. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls will breathe new life into your home. Plants and trees, when cared for, will bring life and provide further beauty to your living space.

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